Selling your car?

Selling your car quickly is easy at Turners Cars, and we've got 3 ways to sell.

Book a valuation today, and bring your car in to your local branch at a time that suits.

The valuation will take less than 30 minutes

Book a valuation

Get pre-approved Finance

Getting your Finance sorted allows you to confidently search for the cars you know you can buy. It’s quick and easy.

Call 0800 TURNERS to book a consultation, or apply online below.

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Need cash for your car?

CashNow is perfect if you need money for your car fast and it's super easy.

  • Book a valuation online
  • Just bring your car to your local branch at a time that suits
  • Quick valuation in branch, less than 30 minutes


Our friendly consultants will inspect your car and check it mechanically to find out how much it's worth, then make you an offer.

If you accept our offer, we'll complete the sale paperwork for you and write you a cheque on the spot (or send it out to you).

(Please note we have to see the vehicle in person before we can make an offer, and our CashNow service may not reflect market values, these vary greatly). 

Contact your local branch now, or call 0800 TURNERS (0800 887 637) or complete the form and we will contact you within two working days.

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