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Car and Personal Loans

Car and Personal Finance

Turners offer great rates and a quick and easy process. Plans start from as little as no deposit.

We can finance:

  • Cars, motorcycles, caravans & boats
  • Holidays, weddings & renovations
  • Debt consolidation

Applying online is easy, secure and takes about 10 minutes.

Payment Waiver

Payment Waiver

If you’re committing to a finance loan, we recommend Payment Waiver.

Payment Waiver covers your loan repayments if you are made redundant, are unable to work due to illness or injury, pass away or experience a financial shortfall.

The cost is just a small percentage of the loan amount and in return, you get complete peace of mind.

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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Don’t get caught out by the cost of a breakdown.

Turners Mechanical Breakdown Insurance covers the cost of repairing your car in the event of mechanical or electrical trouble.

Cover is comprehensive, and includes:
• Parts and labour
• Towing
• AA Roadservice & 24/7 Breakdown Assistance
• Accommodation & rental car for out of town breakdowns

You can get Turners Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for any vehicle, even if you didn't buy it at Turners.

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Car Insurance

Together with State Insurance, Turners offers free car insurance for the first four days after you buy. 

We also offer a range of ongoing insurance solutions to make sure your car is protected in the event of theft or damage.

You can purchase car insurance for any vehicle you own, even if you didn't buy it at Turners.

Contact your nearest Turners branch to find out more.